Financial Planning

Many of our clients reach a point in their lives when they would like to review the financial arrangements they have established to date as well as create a more structured plan for the future.


James Oram holds the G60 pensions qualification and has extensive experience of advising on pensions including occupational schemes and pension transfers.


James Oram is an independent provider of financial advisory services. Our goal is to improve your finances through financial planning. Thorough financial planning pays for itself. Our aim is to provide an innovative service.


Making provision for your dependants should you die prematurely or protecting your lifestyle should you suffer a serious or long term illness is an essential part of financial planning.

Pension sharing on divorce

Dealing with pensions on divorce can be one of the most complex areas. There are various ways that the value of pension can be dealt with but great care is needed to ensure that an accurate value is placed on those pensions.